Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 20th - 26th August 2017 ]

This is the week to show restraint in strict manner. Your mind seems random, completely unorganized and ready to plunge into anything which looks glittery. Avoid commitments, big deals, decisions as your logic seems flawed at the moment. Listen to what others have to say without bringing the ego issues. Focus on family, deep emotional needs of your family members and put others above yourself.

Turbulent times for you. This week some of the matters of family can become too sharp and troubling. Health of your family members and elders specially can also be a big concern. Its time you remain alert for any external influences, do not allow thoughts of others to impact peace at home. At work things look equally volatile. Give your best and you really cannot afford to be causal in any area of life. It’s time to show the best you have got.    

Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 13th - 19th August 2017 ]

This week can bring some puzzles to you. Some complex work, challenges in family and points where you can find it very difficult to decide are seen. You will see dualities, extreme variety and even tendency to get influenced too soon can be problematic for you as there can be too many voices inside your head. Speak to people you trust and do not allow anyone to kidnap your thought process altogether. Better times in family life are also seen but work would need extra push.

This is welcome week for you as it sets the trend of better environment at home and also your career prospects seem much better now. This week actually lays foundation. Though gaining instant clarity and peace is not seen, but now you would be able to focus well, formulate your intention very specifically and your say would matter to people around you. Most important thing now is to spend very wisely and speak less, that too keeping your logic intact. Pattern of wastage of time and excessive/random travels ends now.

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 6th -12th August 2017 ]

This week can bring some family matters needing your attention and patient approach. Health of someone close in family can also deteriorate. The most important highlight of this week is need to remain very patient in all aspects as your mind can become restless and you can neglect details, advice of others, important messages and alike. Be considerate and do not hurry in any matter. Delay your reaction and taking second opinion is must. Give work more priority than fun.

The absolute need of this week is to maintain your calm and presence of mind is compulsory for you. You can fall into many traps; small things can bother you and your mind seems restless. Remain focused on bigger things. There can be few twists at work, make sure your reaction is balanced and mature. This week can bring many conflicts and arguments with people in family and at work as well. The best mantra for you is to listen more, give others more consideration and forget and forgive small mistakes.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 30th July - 5th August 2017 ]

This week has good mix of work and fun. You are seen to travel, majorly for pleasure and there would be tremendous increase in your socialization. You will meet your old friends and some good memories will be made in times to come. You need to remember two things; not to take decision in impulse and secondly not to get influenced by views of others. Listen to everyone, but apply your own logic as its only you who know about ground realities. This can be effectively achieved by increasing your reaction time.

While your health makes visible improvement, situation at home continue to remain volatile and this week can make you feel more. You can exaggerate things and also get influenced easily by small things. Travels and socialization is seen, but can bring some frustrations as well, so externalize your energies only when required. Best what you can do is not to give attention to small things, remain focused on some long-term goal and most importantly take time in forming your perceptions.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Libra sign

I've learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom - how great is that?  said Soledad O'Brien. Now it’s your turn to know how great is that. Saturn transit into Sagittarius brings end to long phase of Sadesaati for Librans and this statement in itself is enough to reveal all. Saturn leaves you completely and your good times will set in now. This transit of Saturn lasting roughly around 3 years will bring your life on track in all most all areas. Though impact areas are many, but essence of this transit can actually be summarized in very simple way, it’s like a bird being freed from the cage, it’s like breaking away of various sorts of chains and bondages. Transit of Saturn for Libra individuals simply means freedom and joy. Saturn has freed you from its clutches and you are free to fly and explore new worlds. Let us move to discussion of all possibilities that lies ahead of you.

Your work life will undergo many positive changes, but first things first, all the positives that are promised by Saturn will be on hold (or too slow) to manifest till November 2017.Once you move post this timeline, you will start to feel impact of this transit in free manner. Career is sure to go up, new job opportunities are sure to come, specially in 2018 which is year for new opportunities to come. To be very specific in terms of timelines ,fresh breeze is seen to come between Nov 2017 to Oct 2018.This one year time for you will set pattern where you will get new job, will be given more responsibilities ,your talents would be recognized(but not given financial due immediately).New business ideas will come ,more people will come in your life bringing new avenues to earn .Though it’s important to understand that time in 2018 in particular is not for realizing immediate gains and rise, rather it’s for working hard, getting engaged, setting up platform and laying foundation. Moving ahead, it would be 2019 which actually bring real fruits of your past efforts. Your takeaway should be, have patience and hold your nerves in 2017 and vigilantly keep looking for new opportunities and/or new way of working in current state, specially in 2018. Time ahead will itself bring much life force in you and this transit of Saturn will bring back your work life on track and by the time this transit ends, you will be rooted deeply, beaming with energy and renewed life force and all settled in your work life with much security and prosperity.

Financial growth will also follow similar pattern for you, looking low in 2017, picking up slowly post Nov 2017 and 2018 will bring many new earning opportunities but can ask you to come out of your comfort zone with higher salary or gains having some condition attached to it.2019 onwards is where lies your real freedom and affluence and this year will set in long term trend of intense financial rise. Important to know, some weaker months in this transit, for all aspects, are between May-August in 2018 and 2019 as well. During these months, you have to practice caution and not lose your calm, those would be momentary pause and not any major trend to worry about.

Your health is sure to reach to new optimum levels. You are all set to regain lost glory. While 2017 does have some lows as far as your health is concerned, specially till September 2017, time ahead will bring vitality back and your immunity, sense of wellbeing all will move up. Physical wellbeing is accompanied with emotional balance making a comeback. To get very specific time till September 2017 is low for health and then during May-August 2018/2019 will again need attention, rest it looks all encouraging for you. Emotional suppression has ended, pressure inside mind will end, external situations become conducive to help you gain greater peace of mind. You need to give some time for old memories and wounds to heal, just don’t bring them back and let go is extremely important lesson for you as far as your experiences are concerned to allow overall healing.

More than expecting growth in current place, this transit actually brings the time to get set go and do new things. It’s time to open up, leave your inhibitions behind. You can now get into entirely new areas. Starting a new venture, finding a new job, falling in love, starting a family or simply starting afresh from wherever you are at this moment is gist of this transit for you. Meet new people, form new groups, attend more parties, make new friends. Saturn now free you from its clutches hence no longer there is any need and desire to remain aloof, circumstances around you will bring pleasing events which will allow you to mix up and get back into mainstream of life, something which eluded you for long. Apart from generic social life, this transit of Saturn will bless you with someone special.2018 holds beautiful alignment which is very good for falling in love. Your love life will move ahead and show signs of dramatic improvement. For getting married, if your individual chart permits, this is also the best year and for extending your family life as well. This Saturn transit doesn’t have any Spiritual messages, as need not say, you have already seen the biggest Spiritual journey in past. Though extremely important; you need to remember, practice and preach what Saturn has taught you in the past.

Your extent of growth now only depends on your hard work and strength of your intentions. After coming from stern test of Saturn, your Karmic issues has been settled as of now to great extent and now time is to reap benefits of all the patience and hard work that you have put in past. This is also the time when your creativity will rise and you would be able to actually utilize your all the learnings of the past. Cosmos is smiling on you, it’s time to dream again. Life has come back in its full vigor to you, celebrate and feel the joy of life in its most vibrant colors.

Heart of the matter:
1.These articles are majorly applicable from Moon sign.
2. As Saturn remains in one sign for 2.5-3 years, these analysis articles have long term applicability. To be particular, they discuss potential and possibilities for next three years (2017 -2019)
3. Saturn transit is most intensive phenomena and impact life of individual in fundamental ways, still individual dasa pattern stands first and these transit articles are second to impact (except the ones under impact of Sadesaati, where dasa gets suppressed majorly).

Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 23rd - 29th July 2017 ]

You continue to feel very ambitious and determined. Work life is under focus and indeed its time to work on long term goals. Though this week can bring some intense confusions and you are prone to misjudge people and situations and mostly it can come through your impulsive nature. Take time, give people more space and do not give attention to each and everything that you see or hear. You need to be highly selective and remain thoroughly logical.

Some good moments are aligned in times ahead. This week brings sense of relief to you. Some good news in family front is seen and you will enjoy what you have. You are now much better placed to understand things, people, events in much more clear way. Though some small misunderstandings, conflicts are still possible in this week, but you will manage them all. As far as possible plan your trips and daily activities. Sticking to plan will ensure maximum use of your time and energy, which at the moment seems limited.

Monday, 17 July 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 16th - 22nd July 2017 ]

It’s time to show what you have got. Time to implement your plans. This week you can be given huge work, can be tested or your work can come under scrutiny. You will be required to work hard, show your best but you will manage in all. Your energy levels, ambition and focus all look strong. Also, its time to end externalization of your energies and focus completely at work, long term goals and in your family life as well. Good time to think/act for taking your career to level next.

Better week for you. Unnecessary wastage of your energies via aggression and frustration ends and now you are well placed to intentionally use your energies and divert your mind at will. Your friends, family, siblings all will play important role in helping you, giving you critical advice, making you grow stronger. Time for some short travels and break from usual routine is also seen. Share your concerns, speak to people you love, take it out and remain open and receptive to what they advise you, that’s enough for peace to come back in your life.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 9th - 15th July 2017 ]

This is a good week for you with enhanced energy levels, good support from family life and for showing your skills. Though you seem in hurry and your impulsiveness can create issues of many sorts. Give much more space to people in your personal life and at work and listen to them patiently. Work related travels are possible as well. Taking care of your health is very important now as your approach for it can get too causal.

Very welcome week for you as you finally get relief from your volatile temperament. You feel at ease. Your aggression settles and you are well placed to handle issues in family and in your work life. Its week for some travels which would bring you joy.  Weak pattern is some ugly conflict in family or with some close friend. Your love life too looks rocky. Don’t get into minute details when you socialize, people would pin point something or other, remain broad minded.

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 2nd - 8th July 2017 ]

This week brings immense balance to you. You are now well placed to give due time to your work, your friends, family and yourself too. Travels and short trips continue for you. At work, some additional load is seen to come and you would be required to give extra efforts. Highlight of this week is possible twists at work place, sudden conflicts and surprising events making you uncomfortable. In critical matters, be prepared for alternative plans, as last-minute upsets are very much possible.

Better times are here for you. Your health, emotional state and determination all improves. Though you will still feel restless, too concerned and even boiling within about some issues of your life, now you are better placed not to take foolish actions or lose control. New career opportunities are open now and time is also better for love and support from your family and loved ones. Take care of what goes inside you, be it food, thoughts and ideas fed by others. Don’t get influenced too soon. Do things which make you centered.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 25th June- 1st July 2017 ]

You can make mistake in your impulsiveness, under some fears or making some blind assumptions. This week though is fine to travel, meet friends and move ahead for new beginnings but in the middle, you can lose your calm in silly matters. Maintain your dignity, don’t allow any provocation to lose your stability. When promising anyone, look for long term prospects. Be driven by truth not by your fears. Good time for making some long-lasting memories with your loved ones.

Mixed week for you with some deep concerns bothering you, you are losing calm and fuming over some matter. You can feel some deep fears or some anxieties as well, but these will settle down soon. This week you just need to hold on, not allow your energies to diffuse so easily and stay on purpose. You need to drive your mind and not allow it to take command. Wake up with some plan and follow it to minimize your frustrations. Next week is going to bring optimism in natural way, just carry yourself well till then.

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 18th - 24th June 2017 ]

Despite resistance and some doubts, it’s time to get into action mode. This week brings fresh vibes which would help you take firm stand. You are seen to travel, make many important decisions and some new beginnings of long term impact are seen to get into shape. Best time for meeting your friends, for resolving issues with loved ones. Good time for creative pursuits, for learning, anything which provides value add to your skills.

You get some deep assurance. Your insecurities are seen to settle now. The volatile phase is now about to fade and this week lays its foundation. You are seen to feel better, more confident and less aggressive. Your financial state is seen to make good improvements and so does your family life environment. Best what you can do is to grab small opportunities to make a comeback, whether its relations in family, saving some money, utilizing some time to learn something. Its time to raise your standards and move ahead with much better state of mind.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 11th -17th June 2017 ]

This week brings improvement in your workplace, your relations with teammates and your will power becomes strong now. You are seen to resolve many issues by your good logic and talents. People appreciate your moves and you do get love and support, though small conflicts and differences, at work specially, might continue as well. Channelize your energies in sports or any activity which makes you physically active.

Trends of past do continue but some strong improvement is also seen. It will be easy for you to let go. It would look more logical to you to move ahead and at least leave some old and complex issues as such. You do have brilliant analytical skills and logic right now, all you need is to apply your skills at right place. Your work life continues to be under clouds, patience there is absolute must. Take care of where your money is going.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Scorpio sign

Saturn transit for Scorpio Moon sign people bring great relief as their Sadesaati now enters into third and last phase, which is less tormenting as compared to initial years. Saturn now goes way from your Moon sign, and results would show as less burden inside you. There will be feeling of lightness and though your troubles and challenges cannot be said to end completely, this transit is sure to being a new, lighter & better era in your life. Impact areas are many and Saturn brings you relief along with caution. Open minded approach should be taken for the signs where Saturn is making direct impact, hence its required for you guys to be highly open minded and receptive to fully understand and appreciate message of Saturn. Let us see what Saturn moving to last phase of your Sadesaati has got and what you need to remember to sustain the heat and keep moving on.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Sagittarius sign

We often see and hear inspirational stories about people who have sustained the challenges in life and have come out as winner. We get goose bumps listening to their tale, we derive motivation from them. This is your time to make your story, this is your time to stand up to the challenge and show the strength of your character. Saturn transit for you brings your Sadesaati to the peak. Saturn now enters your Moon sign and with this you enter in a phase which is most feared and is literally damned. But before you make any fatal impressions it will be good to be reminded that promotion in work, considerable financial success and awards at workplace are also seen in this phase, and it’s not just a phase to mourn and condemn, rather it’s the time to witness the biggest revolution that can happen in one’s life. There can be volumes written about Sadesaati and impact of Saturn when it enters the Moon sign, but the real essence can be described in very simple way ,rise of Tamas, the negativity within and around .Let us see what are possible changes and challenges stored in for you and how you can cooperate in this huge recess of self-transformation.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 4th - 10th June 2017 ]

Better times for you. Though challenges at work and in your health remains as such, your mind gains balance and inner strength makes a comeback. You are high on moving ahead, want to take new steps in context of work life and some concrete progress is seen in this week. Good times are back for your love life. Financially, trend of wastages and excessive self-indulgences end, time to get back to real world.

You get expressive now. Suppressed emotions and frustrations will come at conscious level, though at the same time you also get awareness that somethings are better left unsaid. You need to take care of your health and forget the rest. Be sensible in what you eat, else you will see results immediately. These are volatile times for you and though it might sound difficult and impractical as well, focus on yourself, keep patience and don’t believe as if its end of the world for you.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 28th May - 3rd June 2017 ]

It’s time to think about new initiatives. You seem to be in doubt about certain aspects and are confused whether to go ahead or not. Its time to evaluate pros and cons and move towards a stand. This week brings new energy to you which wants you to move, take decisions and end old inhibitions. You would be able to channelize your aggression, think clearly. Though some strong opinion differences at work is something you need to deal with.

Frustration and delays in your life can make you visibly aggressive and it would all reflect in your behavior now. This is weak phase for you where you need to pay attention to your way of speaking. You need to filter out what you are feeling. Take care of your eating habits and don’t fall prey to short cuts. Patience is your answer. Spend money when absolutely needed. Use your boiling energy in organizing your life rather than hurting others.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Capricorn sign

“Life is moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation” said actress Nia Peeples. Capricorns people have arrived at the state where they need to accept and/or get ready for the process which would make them realize that indeed life is a dynamic thing, ever changing, ever pushing us to evolve and transform.Saturn now enters sign previous to your Moon sign and thus your Sadesaati has started. But before you catch fear and any assumption arises, it should be made clear that it’s not a period of doom and gloom, rather it’s a period which requires cleansing of your psyche, your accumulated karma and your life style and approach as a whole. Saturn movement to Sagittarius starts your first phase of Sadesaati and result of this transit simply cannot be pronounced in specific sense, as its starting of a very personal journey which really cannot be described in words. It’s one of the most complex, yet beautiful time that one go through in life time. It’s simply beyond reach of human language to fully describe possible manifestations of this phase, still let us see what this Saturn transit can do and wants from you.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 21st - 27th May 2017 ]

Your ambition is on rise and nothing else but your own attitude and high expectations from others and self can create disappointments this week. Some abrupt developments at work are also possible and as far as possible try to work out things with logic. Let your work speak for you. Think twice in important matters and don’t get carried away easily. Travel, fun with friends and self-indulgence is also seen. Good week, especially when you practice self-control on all levels.

Volatile times continue for you. You are prone to take decisions, strong stand in spate of your overconfidence. As far as possible learn facts, think long term and most importantly think from other’s point of view. Disturbance in work life is also seen and many of you can undergo big changes in your career. Financially you seem to be doing good but can find difficulty in feeling joy from what you have around you. Be gentle, humble and never lose your vision.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Aquarius sign

For truly appreciating the freedom of light, one must experience the limitations of the dark. You already had your lot of limitations and now is the time to move in the domain of light. Saturn for you people move into immensely powerful and blessing position. Saturn is infamous for being great malefic, for giving pain and harsh times, but there are times when Saturn blesses too, and when this Mighty force blesses, expect the experience of real freedom, joy and sky are literally not the limits to describe it. Aquarians have reached that stage where they are ready to receive blessings from Saturn. It’s actually the best one can ask from Saturn and best what it can grant with its all might. It’s time to sing in joy, dance in freedom and move ahead in life like never before. Saturn’s blessings are rarest of rare and its now all open for you. Impact areas are many and contrary to image of Saturn, all manifestations are majorly positive for you people. Let’s explore.

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 14th - 20th May 2017 ]

This week bring consolidation in your thought process and you feel surge of confidence and desire to take bold stand. You feel driven by your inner voice and most important aspect would be your self-esteem and respect which would remain at center stage. It’s good to feel good and place yourself high, though remain aware that you don’t become too rigid or take actions under call of your stiff ego. Be more relaxed in spending money and gentle with your loved ones.

Though your problems and state of turbulence inside doesn’t really end, but now you do feel surge in desire to move on. Your energy levels, level of dedication and desire to take bold stand all go up and high. Though your behavior can get rough and unknowingly you can harm people you actually love. Nevertheless, its indeed a fresh phase for you from where you can expect to come in driver seat and organize your life. Take care of your health, your family’s atmosphere and avoid sarcastic tone.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 7th - 13th May 2017 ]

This week shows intensification of patterns of past. Your health and workload/situation at work continues to be sensitive area. Many of you can experience extreme twists in your career and this is indeed a suffocated phase where you might not comprehend why events are occurring and what lies ahead of you. Don’t act in impulse, be gentle with family and keep yourself in limits while enjoying and letting yourself loose.

This week is still volatile for you and family atmosphere and situation at work continues to be vulnerable. It is important that you don’t take decisions in hurry as you are bound to miss many things which you will repent later on. It is needed that you take advice wherever needed. Don’t boil inside, discuss your issues with people you trust. There can be some major changes in context of your career, have some space to think long term.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 30 April- 6 May ] 2017

Predictions are based on moon sign.

This week brings end of some old matters and shows moving ahead. Your energy levels and equation with people improves and you are now able to express yourself in much more clear manner. Though don’t be tempted to take some partial stand in beginning of week itself. Look for logic, don’t get impressed by someone too soon. Your health, handling sensitive matters and conflicting views along with excessive work pressure are challenges that you need to deal peacefully.

You will move through a low when it comes to your current family life atmosphere and your volatile mind set and tendency to reply instantly can be the root cause of some upheaval. As far as possible try to delay your reaction and look for solutions rather than defending yourself. Your mindless expenses and irritating experiences with people will start to settle down as you move in this week. Patience is your key which when assimilated will bring stabilization in and around you.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Pisces sign

Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Saturn transit for you people hold such secret, buried deeply into layers of events, being subtly planned by mighty and indifferent Saturn for you. Saturn now moves to your tenth house from Moon, which is grand scheme to bring your work, your approach, to limelight and in deeper sense this position of Saturn is known to create immense resistance and bring slowdown in major areas of life. This is how your pace will be aligned to nature’s hence allowing to you unleash secrets, inside out. Saturn will now exercise great level of control over you as many important areas will come under its scanner. Impact areas are many and almost all of them are critical part of your life. Let’s have a look how Saturn movement to Sagittarius sign is going to affect you in most transformative ways.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 23rd - 29th April 2017 ]

Its important now to pay attention to your behavior and not let yourself too loose. There is pattern of randomness and new/sudden events can occur in context of your work life which is seen to undergo some transformation right now. Maintain dignity in your talks and don’t show your bluntness to people at work, filtering your emotions is need of these times. Don’t impose your thoughts on others, its not possible that people and events move as per your wish, moderate your specificity.

Preserve your energies for your work life where you can see some sudden twists. Don’t give too much importance to what others think about you. Its important for you to remain in present day and not let your approach get impacted by experience of past. Save for bigger purpose and don’t spend your hard-earned money on things which are really not necessary. Gentleness is the only way through which you can hope to achieve peace at home. An eye for an eye is going to make your family world blind.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 16th - 22nd April 2017 ]

This is your comeback. There is rise of new desires and internally you are moving towards consolidation, where you will get strong urges to organize your life, do things which make you better as a person and best part now is that your intent and action will match leading to clear progress. Good time to learn new skills, implement things which you always wanted and also show your best at work. Just remain gentle and polite in your behavior. Good week for visible growth in all areas.

Some of the ongoing conflicts, issues and your internal concerns can now move to surface in full form and this week your patience can crumble down. You seem in volatile mood and though desire would be genuine, your approach is what needs attention. Time for some travel, which would bring real relief to you. Best part of these times is your ability to make and feel connection with self ,with Divine, which indeed would bring immense clarity to you.Good time for spiritual pursuits, religious visits and taking up activities which make you centered.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Sunday Sip [9-15] April 2017

Predictions are based on moon sign.

You need to remain dedicated and not stuck at one issue for too long. This week needs you to remain aligned in mood to resolve rather than looking for reasons or getting stuck at why part. There seems to be an environment of friction at work, some possible complications with people, excessive work load and lack of peace within. Give more space to people in your life and remain completely focused in finding answers and moving ahead.

You need to remain on your toes now and there would be no mercy if you remain casual or neglect your duties. You can avoid your duties as of now but won’t be able to avoid the consequences of doing so. You need better financial planning and at work as well you need to remain open and allowing. Amount of work and lack of proper support from people can irritate you this week. As far as possible don’t get into blame game and think straight and to the point. Most importantly, conserve your time and energies.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 2nd - 8th April 2017 ]

You have very fine mix of energy and intent and all you need is not to diffuse them in things which are not necessary. Stay on the purpose. Another cautious area is your expenses which seem to be getting too random and can become major cause of concern now. Also, your work life needs attention and ethical approach. Don’t take things lightly or behave rashly. Follow rules and remain as straightforward and planned as possible.

You seem to be carrying too much within and your health, atmosphere at work and in family as well is not at peace. First you need to give your health top priority and then try to intervene in other areas.  Speak up what you feel, don’t burn inside. Also, you need to plan your activities in much more effective way and actually follow your plan. Its phase of diffusion for you where your life can become too random. You need to take command and be in driver’s seat whenever possible.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 26th March - 1st April 2017 ]

This is good week and bring greater clarity with it. Your intention, approach and actions become sensible and you look much more balanced now. This is good phase for your personal relationship and your public relationships also become much more effective. Plan things in definitive sense and its now better not to go for travel and lose yourself excessively in fun activities. Spend wisely and do not accumulate your feelings for too long.

You see many responsibilities rising needing your time, energy and attention and can also involve some travel. You feel exhausted and heavy inside. It’s important not to overload yourself; talk to people around, share your concerns and ask for help. You also need to be more vocal on how you want things to be. Don’t assume, no one is going to understand your inner state and expectation till you become verbal. Random expenses will keep you surprised, so spend very wisely.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 19th - 25th March 2017 ]

You do have energy and dynamism to achieve what you aspire but this week you do need to care about how long you are taking to implement, to actually come to the ground. Now you can face some hesitations, doubts and you can waste lot of time in confusion about certain aspects. Best what you can do now is to remain engaged and not let yourself too loose. Define timelines and do enjoy and break free but set your priorities well before and take up big tasks in beginning of the day itself.

It’s important to take care of your health and give it top priority. Financially this is better phase and you do get some fresh vibes. Take decisions, arrive at conclusion and form perceptions taking much time. Do not hurry in any aspect as there seems to be tendency to get carried away, neglecting the facts riding high on the emotion. Good time to meet friends, socialize, go on short trips and plan some get together which will rejuvenate you in best way.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 12th - 18th March 2017 ]

There is much stored in this week. You work hard, move ahead in your work and also have much fun. Trend of travel also opens up much more strongly for you. Now pattern of excessive politics and loss of reputation seems to settle down. You are seen spending heavily on some pleasure, on trips, on some family responsibilities as well. This is good time for connecting with Divine, or for developing better equation with self.

Better times in sight for you with more gains coming to you from your efforts. You do feel some relief in work and family as well. Some of the conflicts now seem to settle down. Now you move into phase of intense socialization. Your typical Taurus traits will come to surface now, as in you will derive great joy in meeting people, will feel like sharing freely and develop much love and attachments with some. Travels are also seen. Taking care of your health is though very important.