Sunday, 14 January 2018

Year 2018 : Impact on Virgo sign

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable, every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals said Martin Luther King, Jr. This is particularly true for Virgo people. Year 2018 for Virgo symbolizes a fine balance between effort and its conversion, this new year stands for justice, justice that universe will bring to you which was denied since long. To define this year in straightforward one-line sentence isn’t easy as this year is complex yet blessing, tiring yet refreshing at the same time. Let us directly jump to discussion of how this year will bring changes in different aspects of your life.

The Sunday Sip [ 14th - 20th Jan 2018 ]

Time to get strong inner drive. Your health, confidence becomes much better. This week brings you new goals and you feel refreshed and doubly committed for your work. Short trips, meeting your friends and family is also part of these times. There is some relief in personal life and you will get scope to mend your relations everywhere. Maintain your calm and focus on working silently rather than diffusing your energies in conflicts, aggression or show off.

Welcome week for you. It brings fresh energy levels and past suppression ends majorly. You feel relaxed, your health, emotional state becomes better and you do see some positive events in family. Work wise it’s a good phase and making rapid progress is seen. Good for financial growth as well and best time is for improvement in your relationship with partner. This is good week as it ends the intense stagnation and life moves ahead.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Year 2018 : Impact on Leo sign

Leo people enter in new year with continuous expansion of their energies and desires. This year brings diversification of your energies, focus and is sure to take you places. Leo people had seen much stagnation and have experienced many constraints earlier, which has created a framework for them, this year is opportunity to give definite shape to your dreams. Limitations ends, or rather to say more precisely, you now have clear idea about constraints and practicality of life which would enable you to work with very comprehensive manner towards your goals. Leo people will witness beautiful expansion of their spirits and indeed it’s time to visualize, create and work in parallel on ground. Getting on to essence, this year symbolizes end of suffocation and you would be free to work directly on life that you aspire to live. Let’s move to details of what this rhetoric actually means.

Work life does seem to grow well and efforts of past will yield good results. New jobs, changes and rise all are possible this year. Though the real highlight will be growing consciousness and varied range of experiences that will make your career move forward with richness. Relocations, many travels, moving to new places for better work opportunities are seen. Changes in work can accompany change of place as well and with far greater serious roles. For business persons this is a great year with rapid gains, expansion and movement into new areas. New associations will be generated and its good to consider new business proposals from close friends and family members. In terms of timelines, time between April to August seems low and any decisions should be taken with extreme caution and career setbacks are very much possible. Initial three months and then time from September onwards is best for experiencing goodness in work life and pattern of expansion.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Sunday Sip [ 7th - 13th Jan 2018 ]

Many of your hesitations, obstacles get settle this week and you will feel immense urge to move forward, as if you are being freed from some burden. This week has tremendous potential to give you a real new start, be it any aspect. New work life opportunities, expansion in work, many travels, socialization and making new plans are possibilities in these times. Health of parents and quality of communication in love life is something where you need conscious effort.

This is the week where problems and deadlocks can reach their peak. Your health needs utmost attention. You can feel low, hopeless and stuck at work, at home and unable to find solutions, way ahead. You need to hold on, listen to your conscience and keep working having highest faith. This is a temporary phase and it will fade. Patience in attitude and faith in heart are absolutely essential for you to sail through.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Year 2018 : Impact on Cancer sign

The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse said author Helen Keller. This year you will experience highs, beautiful views and peaks though in parallel will go realization of valleys. Cancer people will experience extremely fine balance of challenges and possibilities walking hand in hand, though the possibility and growth will ultimately outshine the constraints. This year stands for realization of where you lack, what is needed to reach to place of your aspiration and the process will be slow in beginning and will pick up pace gradually. In broader sense, this year sets in very big process of exploring new possibilities and marks fundamental shifts in core areas of life. Let us dive deep into patterns in this year and their impact on various accepts of life of Cancer people.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Year 2018 : Impact on Gemini sign

Gemini people move into new year with lot of new hopes and visions. You people have intense desire to move towards direction of your dreams and there are thousands of ideas, plans that are bubbling inside you. Indeed, this is the year of possibilities. This year has tremendous potential in it and will provide you all necessary platforms to work and achieve your goals. Though important to mention, this year possibilities and related growth patterns will be confined within some boundaries, i.e you will have immensely potent ideas as to how you are going to move ahead though you will also be needed to take your limitations, some constraints into consideration and working in balance amid these two is what is essence of this year for you. Nevertheless, it’s one of the finest year given you are committed to implement those brilliant voices within. Let us see how this year will impact you thinking giants in different aspects of life.

Year 2018 : Impact on Taurus sign

“You're going to go through tough times - that's life. But I say, 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.' See the positive in negative events” said Joel Osteen. Taurus people are going though intense times and mentioning the deeper aspect of this year right in the beginning is very important to set the tone right. You people are under times when your karmic debts, your baggage has to be reduced by many challenges. It’s time to pay back, to empty yourself. In this process you will witness restructuring in work, relationships and your health can also suffer setbacks. Depending on your individual charts and areas where maximum of issues are aligned, this year is meant for reducing the burden off from your shoulders. It’s one of the year when you need to stop and with attitude of immense patience, need to indulge in process of cleanup, which will take time but is necessary at this point of time for your future growth possibilities. Let’s move to detailed discussion of patterns in all aspects of your life.

Year 2018 : Impact on Aries sign

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” said Henry Ford and it’s your time to come together, realize the support, get composed and make real time progress. You rush in new year with heightened level of energies, new hopes and vision. This is extremely potent and cheerful year for you. Aries people had seen stagnation in multiple areas along with strong churning in personal and professional areas. Now is the time to move ahead as such testing phase ends. These times signify hope and moving ahead at rapid pace along with end of isolation in your public and personal relationships. This year signifies a fresh new breeze coming in your life and inner child will smile again. Let us now see what is stored in for you this year.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 31st Dec 2017 - 6th Jan 2018 ]

You can feel distance, dullness and fleeing of lack in your love life and health of partner can also be concerning. Personally, this is good week for you having good energy levels, avenues for learning, travels and much enjoyment as well. Though sustaining work life-family balance is something you need. Also you need not allow your inferior ego to drive you. Once you are in driver’s seat and take responsibility of your actions, you will derive much joy.

Challenging times continue for you and you still need to keep your calm and maintain balance in life. Take care of your health ,neglect small issues and keep yourself occupied in anything which makes you centered. Meditation, chanting, praying, do whatever calms you. Do not experiment at work, in fact do not take any risks in any area. Work with diligence and keep a big heart. Remain connected to Divine for blessings.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 24th - 30th Dec 2017 ]

You still need caution. Your health does make improvement though you are prone to get into conflicts, face many complex situations at work and also equation with people can go through rough patch as well. Travels can be hectic and should only be taken up when necessary. You need to remain humble and work with highest possible awareness and ethics. Do not allow communication gap to ruin your love life.

You do feel some relief and some of the issues in family life does end, though patterns of past week continue. Need of this week remains same; you need to give top attention to your health and discharge your responsibilities with sense of sacredness. You really cannot afford casual attitude in any aspect of life. In deeper sense ,these times are here to exhaust big amount of your karmic debts by bringing difficult scenarios ,bear gracefully .

Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 17th - 23rd Dec 2017 ]

This week does bring shift, though only shift. Some of the issues of past times do end, particularly related to your relationships, health but you start to feel pressure now at work. Some of the conflicting situations can develop at work. You can make some travel plans, meet many old friends and also make new ones. Health of infants needs attention. Do not make new plans blindly, rather finish current and old ones much more effectively.

Its time to bring out your best. You can face many hurdles all around now. Your health can dip, and family duties can rise sky high. Also at work you can feel burdened and unappreciated both. Even some strong conflicts and sensitive situations creating threat to your work life itself can develop. Best what you can do is to maintain low profile, do not initiate any changes at workplace or start arguments from your side. Treat work as worship. Take care of your health first.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 10th -16th Dec 2017 ]

This can be intriguing week for you. Your plans, approach can face setbacks and its best not to experiment now. Go by what you know and what seems most secured to you. Sudden and complex scenarios can develop at work and do not work in haste or speak or reach on conclusion too fast. Stay aware of politically motivated people around you and taking care of your health is also needed on top priority. First impulse can be of revenge and bluntness, replace it will with humility.

Health of partner seems to give much worries now and also your financial aspects look volatile. Do not commit things which seem overwhelming and its time to think and act in most practical sense. Take up travel only when necessary else much wastage of money, time and resources is seen. You can feel burdened by so much work and duties, do not add up all this with feeling of escape. Derive joy in serving others.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 3rd - 9th Dec 2017 ]

Your workload decreases, and you also get tremendous amount of energy and new levels of determination this week. Though some of your tasks are seen to get stuck, your plans can face last minute failures and things are not seen to go as expected. This is not the time to set goals, give commitments, best what you can do is to accept your limitations and work in most practical manner. Avoid travel unless necessary and strictly stay away from arguments at work and family both.

You can feel burdened by too many duties and high workload. There is much that will be thrown at you and you have to fulfil it. Health of children in family can go down and this week is also low on your financial aspects where you can see some randomness. Its not the time for any experiments, stay as calculated and low profile as you can. Its time when you should accept your responsibilities with grace and try to take out pleasure in quality of your work and in bringing joy to others.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 26th Nov - 2nd Dec 2017 ]

Much work load is seen in this week and the foremost thing you need not over stressing yourself and bringing back tension at home. You need to define healthy boundaries and not exhaust yourself badly. Overthinking will bring intense mood lows and negativity to enter your life. Headaches, anxiety can creep in easily if you allow your lower instincts freely. It’s time to work like a champion, keeping your feet on ground all the time.

While you are blessed with decent health and confidence levels, your family, kids in particular, will need attention. Their health can go down and this week has some emotional lows as well. You need to define boundaries between work and family. Also do not allow everyone to impact your peace of mind. Choose what goes inside your mind. Spend very carefully and stop moving, living in the past, it can be too messy now.

Monday, 20 November 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 19th - 25th Nov 2017 ]

You feel relaxed as some of the nagging issue come to end in your family life. Also, equation with partner becomes better. Time is good for travelling, for making many new memories and also taking some major steps in context of work life .Some upsets are also possible at work with some new and sudden developments and you need to remain very professional and grounded to avoid ugly confrontation with people around. Be as dignified as you can be.

You find better confidence and support at work. Better times are here in context of work life and new work opportunities are also seen ahead. Work related travel and greater responsibilities are also possible. Your principles will save you in most adverse situations. The patience you have kept in recent times will show its result. Politics around can make you pissed off, do not allow roughness around to impact your inner peace.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 12th - 18th Nov 2017 ]

Health and work pressure, equation with people at work needs attention. Also, health of elders in family can go down. You can feel burdened by much work but you have it in you to take things to end. Time is good for short travels, for meeting old friends and also very good times for love life. Fulfillment of some old wish, gains from properties is also seen in this week. Keep your attitude right.

While your health, state of mind, confidence level all seem to be good, health of infants can need attention. Some sudden travels are also seen to come. Expectations remain sky high and you would be required to be on your toes, so make sure you are not looking for comfort zone as its not possible to find it currently. Silly mistakes at work can be punished beyond comprehension, remain extremely professional.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 5th - 11th Nov 2017 ]

Better times are here for you. You feel supported in family; your personal relationship shows signs of improvement and some travels and fun lies ahead in this week. You can also take some prominent decision related to career. Its good phase for getting into new lines and start your own venture. Good for meeting friends, for enjoying work and for finding directions ahead in life. This week brings you enthusiasm and reduces excessive pressure from you.

Despite your demanding routine and many expectations from others, you feel confident and continue to find source of joy within. Better health, some travels and socialization is what this week brings. Just keep taking care of what you allow in life, be it about food, thoughts, people. More you delay your reaction and more you become selective in what influences you, you are good to go in this week with strong sense of content. Care about your health.

Monday, 30 October 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 29th Oct - 4th Nov 2017 ]

Some of deep problems can come out now pertaining to your personal relationship. Behavior of partner can make you sad, do not attach too much importance to it and as far as possible avoid showing same kind of ego. At work you can be tested, and time remains challenging. Take care of your health, organize your work life and do not involve yourself in ego issues. Some travel plans can also come, make sure you have proper plan there as well.

It’s a mixed week for you. You do feel happy, passionate and romantic at times while your lower mind also creates jealousy, greed and dangerous aggression. Whatever you indulge in, expectations from you can remain high. You can feel burdened by duties and here lies the catch. Your attitude towards work, towards situation and people will matter most. New work opportunities can open up now.

Monday, 23 October 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 22nd - 28th October 2017 ]

This week sets in new trends for you in long term and now you should clearly focus on long term goals as well. You are well poised to handle your current workload given you do not bring your aggression and lower ego concerns. Keep avoiding what people are doing, how they are treating you. As they say, how they treat you is their karma and how you do is yours. How well you are focused on your goals will define your feel and accomplishments in this week.

You really cannot do without showing your best. Much workload, high expectations and minimal support is what this week has stored in for you. Now change of Saturn also sets in bigger challenges ahead. You need to shed your lower ego, expectations from others. Once you are firm and really understand that it’s a lonely journey, peace will dawn. Make yourself capable of handling things alone and do not waste time and energy in pointing mistakes or complaining small things.

Monday, 16 October 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 15th - 21st October 2017 ]

This is the time when you can feel burden of responsibilities. Your family life and expectations from partner can weigh you down. Moreover, amid all this you can neglect your health which can add to further complications. Your week have its own pace and you need to adjust according to it. What you can do is to align your routine and take best care of your health. Keep your ego low and become allowing. Listen and just listen what people have to say.

This week your health and emotional state becomes much sensitive. You need to take more time to react. Do not arrive at conclusion too soon. You are seen to be burdened by much work and you won’t be able to escape now. Best what you can do is to bring out your best and fulfil expectations set by others. Also, its important not to be over emotional. People and situations can tempt you, look at bigger picture and reject immediate pleasures.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Aries sign

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe said Gail Devers. It’s time to get your self-belief back. Saturn is now ready to bless you as its test has ended. Saturn transit to Sagittarius brings relief to you with its movement out of your difficult sector. Previous stay of Saturn gave you opportunity to learn in many areas and as per the true nature of Saturn, many of your lessons might have come in difficult way. Now Saturn comes to your ninth house from Moon activating new phase in your life. Results, as usual are wide but the essence of this transit, is sense of relief and clearing up the way ahead. Saturn leaves you, Saturn frees you. Impact areas are many and this movement of mighty planet is more on positive side and will allow relatively free flow of growth. Let’s have a look what this transit has stored for you Aries people.

The Sunday Sip [ 8th - 14th October 2017 ]

It’s time to get serious about your goals and get to work. This week brings much work load, some strong expectations and you can feel alone not supported enough. This feeling can also arise owing to conflicts with partner and lows in love life. Best what you can do is to treat your work like worship, derive joy in fulfilling your duties and not take any responsibilities as burden. Your attitude towards your goals, work life and generic duties will determine the feel in this week.

This week needs you to take care of your health and health of children in family can also need attention. You are undergoing through deep concerns and won’t be sharing them easily. Such cyclic thought process are seen to get intense now and you need to pull yourself out whenever you can. Its important for you now to do anything keeping long term prospects in mind and short-term gains should be rejected. Pressure at work, in family continues to trouble you, but it’s important now to give your mental and physical health as top priority.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 1st - 7th October 2017 ]

This week carries the energy and momentum of past week and you should make most of it by continuing the good work, implementing much more effectively and not wasting time in things which doesn’t matter to you. Love life will bring joy to you and those looking for a breakthrough can expect some commotion. This week is also good for planning long term about your career and make a solid blue print, so work hard and keep your eyes on the horizon as well.

Current times for you will be totally defined by how you see them. Your attitude is most crucial part. Though struggle at work, getting some big junk of work along with obstacles is seen ahead, how you react and how long you take to come out of such shock of pressure will define where and how well you move ahead. Its time you evaluate yourself, where you lack, what is needed to be done and from where you can start. The best of this week lies in its potential to give you crystal clear insights about your life, how well you receive and act lies on you.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Taurus sign

Saturn transit into Sagittarius for Taurus Moon sign people is challenging one, but also full of immense possibilities and this transit will invoke many unconscious traits, events, samskaars, to become visible and without a doubt such transit bring deepest level of changes in life. These are the times when one’s deeply buried Karma is brought to surface. Saturn passing through your 8th house signifies a period which might test you to the core on various fronts. This phase of Dhaiyaa for you, though creates fear instantly, but understating the core essence is extremely important. Saturn doesn’t not destroy or create endless difficulties here, it just reminds you by taking small tests. It really depends on how well you are implementing the lessons imparted by Saturn in the past. So this phase of Dhaiyaa cannot be same on everyone, it really depends at which level your consciousness is operating and how flexible and receptive you are to acknowledge and implement the forgotten lessons.

The Sunday Sip [ 24th - 30th September 2017 ]

Its time you rise above domain of thought and get into action mode. Time is good for achieving much in work. Your creativity, good ideas and inspired thoughts should now find a ground. Your health makes a good improvement and if you are really serious, coming time is best for bringing long term changes in your routine for uplifting your state of health. Your personal life, work, health all is looking up now, don’t look back, much exciting week awaits you.

This week bring improvement for you. Your emotional state and health make visible progress. Good time to let go of past and move ahead. Very encouraging time for your love life and your mind becomes very flexible and receptive. Best time for learning and any creative pursuit will bring great satisfaction. Your work life remains challenging, do not loose heart, there is no way other than showing the best version.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Gemini sign

Saturn transit to Sagittarius means its movement into seventh house from your sign. This transit symbolizes time to introspect and bring fundamental changes in many spheres of your life. Some changes are swift to occur while others can be forced, rather, your attention would be forced towards some neglected aspects. This transit is known to suppress life force and bring restrictions which make it look deadly, though real essence of this transit is that it actually makes one become practical and this is the time to accept realities, work on the ground level and restructure your life with respect to what you have and what you want in future. To gain more clarity, let us move ahead to discussion of its impact on different areas of your life.

It doesn’t imply bad times for your career, but yes this transit is here to make you more real and become more accommodating with your work life. Changes are possible as well, particularly in later part of transit, after October 2018.Though the main essence is slow down. Saturn wants you to attain perfection with repeated efforts. Your weakness will come to surface, relationship at work, your working method all can come to focus and you can be asked to upgrade yourself. Dasa or transit of Saturn works best when you cooperate freely rather than developing escapists tendencies via some magical remedies. Here Saturn would work in most optimal manner when you really evaluate your approach, current limitations, you identify how and where you can improve and implement what is ought to be done. Time from Nov 2017 to Oct 2018 is still encouraging and can bring positives changes in work life, expansion of business, more contacts and much more work but this all can have some condition and/or its own price. This transit means growth won’t be possible now without moving to level next, without working on yourself. April-Aug 2018 and 2019 will need cautious approach and this phase can bring real complex scenarios in work, health of close ones, relationship and in your health as well. Later part of transit post Nov 2018, i.e in 2019 can become stiff and you will be required to put immense efforts for sustaining work life.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 17th - 23rd September 2017 ]

Good times specially for your love life and you see clear improvement with respect to your relationship with partner. If you are looking to express yourself, do it now. There would be many new tasks coming up in this week, time is good for meeting old friends, for get together, having fun apart from exhausting workload. Do not take things on your ego and infants in family will need care. You will get many creative and potent ideas this week, do not let them go, take notes and implement as soon as possible.

This is welcome week for you as your physical and mental well-being make a strong comeback. Putting heart in whatever you do is seen now which will show up in end results. Better atmosphere in family and end of some old conflict is also possible. There can be some get together, family events, meeting with friends and casual fun which would bring much joy to you. Avoid get too blunt and rigid in your views, listen to what others have to say.  

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Cancer sign

Saturn moving to Sagittarius sign is sign of celebration for Cancer Moon sign people. This transit is most praised in classical texts, as form your Moon sign Saturn will enter into the sixth house, the house where Saturn is ought to work in most effective and in positive manner. For you, many changes are clearly seen and more than anything else, this transit will bring acceleration in whatever you are doing, Saturn would provide you all tools so that you can make the most out of your work, finance and relationships. It’s time to optimize your life and realize how well you can live. The areas impacted are many, let’s have a look how mighty Saturn will bless you. First and foremost, change will be seen in context of your work.

A change at work place is awaiting you, time will show you the contrast and this is the time when one finds fault existing within himself in his way of working, if the inspiration hits you right, it could prove to be a very bright beginning in your career or business. Often individual starts new venture, change job for better and engages oneself more proactively in whatever he is doing. In gross terms, time from Nov 2017 to Oct 2018 can bring pressure situations, new twist at work, excessive workload and high demands from you but this phase would also have seeds for bigger transformation. Time from Nov 2018 onwards till end of 2019 is what is best for restructuring of your work life. This is not just a phase for change of job or expansion of your business, rather Saturn in transit for you symbolizes something defining. This transit can bring change of work field itself. Those looking for jumping to own work, starting something of their own, set a startup or move to different areas, this transit will provide excellent platform and needed skills/courage to actually make it. Though for many of you such change can come via jolting experience like sudden job loss or your health or family situation becoming a barrier to continue to work. In such scenarios just remember the essence, it’s all happening for something bigger, so remain grounded and thoroughly hopeful. Time to watch out is April-Aug in 2018 and 2019 where you can experience maximum turbulence, but leading to enhanced clarity and way to brighter future. Trusting the process is what you really need.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Leo sign

Saturn transit brings fresh vibes to you Leo people. It’s time to take a deep breath and let the old go, it’s time to move ahead again. The transit of Saturn into Sagittarius for Leo Moon sign people is going to bring huge relief and its beginning of a new era. Impact as usual will be felt and seen on many areas, but perhaps the greatest change will be a sense of calm and relief, you will feel light and hopeful. It’s a transit to cheer about, Saturn will bring you much joy, but certainly not without some responsibilities. Let’s learn how this transit will mold your life and what’s stored for you.

It’s time to say good bye to heaviness inside you, mighty Saturn now removes many blockages from your life. Many pending tasks, projects and complex unsolved matters will now look up for resolution. So, the foremost impact is green signal, to wake up from your sloth and stagnancy and move ahead. Your work life is going to be impacted positively by this transit. Time from Nov 2017 is very encouraging to look for new jobs, better work environment and expansion in your business. The stagnation that was prevailing till now ends. Things move, you see changes, better opportunities that matches your talent. Such opportunities can even come via some jolt, sudden loss of job which you weren’t expecting, but all happens to make you move to a better place, so do not panic if you see unpleasant events in the beginning, remain assured they will take you to better state. Specifically, time between Nov 2017 to Oct 2018 remains very pleasant for favorable changes in work and some relocations, travels are also seen. Though greater responsibilities, more mature roles have to be assumed, which you should welcome whole heartedly as they would take you to level next. Time for caution is between April to Aug in 2018 and 2019 when you can see strong disturbance in work life, in health, in your relationship with family, children. These are the months which can have element of suddenness and can make you unsettled. In particular time April-Aug 2019 is much more testing and can cause severe strain at work, these times would need your patient approach.

Saturn transit to Sagittarius : Impact on Virgo sign

Saturn for Virgo people enters the fourth house from Moon, activating the phase for challenges, intense churning of past karmas and most importantly this phase is here to test you whether the lessons learnt in past (during the phase of Sadesaati) are still intact or not. This transit starts your Dhaiyaa, which is much feared though essence should not be forgotten. Phase of Dhaiyaa is not troubling always, it depends how well you remember the past lessons and how intensely you are applying them. Despite the heaviness connected to it, there is much to learn from this transit. Let’s explore the manifestation of this transit, from gross outer world to the deep within the psyche for you Virgo people.

The biggest impact is seen in your work life which is sure to undergo transformation, though the process might be intriguing for many of you. Much more effort and consciousness will be required in whatever you are doing, but this is not some insane burden being imposed on you without any specific reason(In fact nothing is without a reason when it comes to Mighty Saturn).Saturn needs you to pay attention to what you are doing and its motive can be many, like to make you excel in whatever you are doing through optimizing your actions by bringing your weakness to the surface(hence the ‘pain’ associated with this transit).Next, Saturn can also show bring sudden break in your work or even in work line for something bigger and better, which you won’t be able to see or sense right now. In gross terms, change of job under pressure, even loss and sudden twist are possible and in terms of timelines, April to Aug 2018 and same months in 2019 are very weak which can bring unrest in work life. There could be change of place, relocation associated with your career aspects. 2018 still has balance and intensity of such changes, new developments in work life would increase many folds post Nov 2018 onwards. This is not the time to expand your business, rather your focus should be on improving your current mode of working. Its time you gain perfection in whatever you are doing currently.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 10th - 16th September 2017 ]

This is the time to pull your sleeves and get much work done. Time now becomes much better, bringing in total clarity and you would make decisions with ease and with great conviction. Better support from family is also seen, just do not lose your mind if some old matter opens up again. Its time you work on bigger things and focus on long term gains. Health of elders and infants can need attention. New work opportunities are on the way, remain aware.

Much better times for you. Your vision, level of patience all becomes better and you are in good command now to handle issues of your life. Your work life is looking for a change now and this week brings a major shift in patterns. Now greater commitment would be required, but results are assured as well. The only thing you need to remember to make your week productive and memorable is to use your energies only on things which are truly important for you. Your aggression, ego differences and tendency to take stand in impulse can be biggest spoiler.