Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 25th Sept - 1st Oct 2016 ]

More clarity and sense of belonging comes to you. You gain confidence in your abilities and some old matters will now be closed bringing you relief. Many confusions settle down and whatever you are aiming for, you will move with greater clarity and dedication. Better times for travel, for developing better understanding with people around and in your personal life as well. It’s time to leave past behind and make new goals and fill the gaps, mend relations and accelerate your speed in moving towards your goals.

Many turmoils of past, especially in your family life now start to end bringing you relief. This week brings you greater peace and clarity in what lies ahead. The major highlight now is your attitude which becomes forward and much hopeful. Your health and confidence too rises but your inner state still needs moderate expression and outlet. Your relationship with your partner and your family members needs very gentle approach. At the moment you have immense desire and energy but channelization is key word for you.

This is very welcome week for you. Your fears, suspicions and many worries start to settle down. You set your priorities once again as now many new equations emerge which will have long term impact. You feel strong, decisive and also will remain very engaged. Keep a track of activities and whenever possible do things in planned way. Don’t let excessive work load and many sudden events burn you out. But there is nothing to panic about as increase in clarity will make you settle down well inside you leading to better reaction mechanism.

Excessive financial pressure and trend for wastages and impulsive expenses now start to slow down. Also some issues, conflicts or plain concerns related to your family and loved ones also show signs of improvement. You are very nicely placed now to feel joy, relax a bit and plan your life ahead with fresh perspective. Good times for travels, for setting new goals, for pursuit of education and for showing your best at work. Best part is joyful atmosphere at home and scope for many celebrations in your life. Encouraging week for you.

With end of many confusions and randomness of your thought process, you feel stable and clear inside. There is rise in your confidence and you feel more relaxed and focused on what you want and how you want things to be. Greater socialization is seen, some travels and increased level of help and love from people around all seems to come to you. Also you will spend on things you need. Only suggestion you need is to use your energy in silent way. Don’t make issue out of small things. All is well at the moment, don’t sweat the small stuff. Good time for finances and for happy moments in your family life.

This is the week you have been waiting for. Many of your hassles end now or move towards end in decisive ways. Your health, state of confidence and clarity will now improve in positive sense. This is beginning of a fresh phase for you from where you will gain more command. Time now is good for stable approach, for some travels and for better performance at work. Financially these are very good times and gains of many kinds are seen. Only thing you need now is to put logic above your impulses.

Better week. This week brings a strong pause on your random and painful expenses. Also trend of intense confusions and deception in your public dealings end. Better relations in your social life and much help from people around start to pour in. You need to use your energies very wisely and focus on what you want and not on what is gone or brooding over the loses of past. Work on your orientation and as far as possible remain in present and focused on what you have in your life and how you can use your current resources for your best.

Better days are here when it comes to your work life. People understand your intentions and trend of confusions and communication gaps reduces. Your public image improves. It’s time to go on some pleasant trips and create beautiful memories. Financially good times are here and increased support from people around will also make you feel strong. Only trait which you need to keep in control is your aggression which can spoil your intentions and cause many conflicts of no consequence.

Why things are going wrong despite your genuine efforts and intentions, this week bring solution to such thoughts. This is week for new beginnings. Your approach becomes refined and you also gain clarity of mind. Some travels are possible but you need to plan them very well for something concrete to come out. Best highlight of this week is perfect stage for you to lift your image. Be it workplace, your family or whatever, you have a brilliant chance to show what you are and what you truly stand for.

This is clearly the beginning of much better phase for you. The best change for you is rise of determination. You feel need for putting things at their right place. Issues reduces, you feel stable relatively. It’s time for a big image makeover for you. Through your intention, effort and approach, your image is sure to rise and better experiences lies ahead. What you need to make sure is that your action matches your intention and experiences of past are not keeping you chained inside your mind.

There is still much needs to be done to uplift your image and mend your relations. Trend of excessive randomness stops in your personal life and you begin to sense better times ahead. Grace is on you and what you need is proper action which justifies and support your desires. Remain stable and balanced in approach. Understand that until and unless your action speaks for you, your sharp voice will not bring any change. This week shows seeds of some new beginnings and long term plans being made now.

Precisely there are two important changes aligned in for you. First, excessive obstacles, low health and all external factors which were somehow putting you down, start to fade away. Secondly, and more importantly, you get brilliantly bold and in decisive mood. You are no longer interested in talks and making plans, rather you need result and are ready to take action required at the moment. You will get good platform to show you skills. Trust your inner voice as your intuition will guide you in very correct manner.

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