Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 30th October - 5th November 2016 ]

You now enter in extremely brilliant phase from where you begin to give concrete shape to your dreams.You are no longer interested in plans or giving further time to any aspect on domain of thoughts,rather its time for intense action.You see much happening,your ambitions rise,there is help from all sides and you feel surge in confidence tremendously and your health,inner feel and motivation levels all are going to shoot up to the sky. Brilliance is what your week brings.This is beginning of new and best phase when it comes to your work life.

Many of your old confusions melt and you reach to definite conclusions on many matters.Most of such clarity would come at very personal level.Best part of this week is end of your random aggression and with experiences of past weeks you have realized in bounty what it means to be victim at hands of your own restless mind.Now you take back command and much is seen to happen in extreme constructive manner. You feel energized,new ideas and inspiration comes to you and there is great surge in your confidence and intention becomes precise.This is week for consolidation,march ahead and move in direction of your dreams with immense pace.

Since many weeks you were in disturbed emotional state and were vulnerable for negativity in and around you. Now with your experiences you have come to terms with self and this week brings immense clarity to you. You are no longer running after people, events and things and no longer being influenced by others, rather your own rock solid conviction and gut feelings/intuition drives you. You somehow know what needs to be done and when. Best part here is that you use your energies in brilliant ways now and for health, wealth and healthy ambitions, this week is a new start.

This is the week which bring honors and pride rises in you. You feel deeply attached with your family and some events make you feel happy and connected. You get tremendous support from partner and feel respected, loved and on track. Your energy levels shoot up and deep inside you feel like intensely burning with new desire and goals. Trend of travels open up very strongly. Use your power, words and actions very responsibly as they are going to impact people around you in very strong manner. Avoid rashness in speech and impulsiveness in actions.

This is very welcome week for you as it brings your energy levels back and with a bang. You feel rise in passion, new desires arises in your heart and you start to dream again .Your confidence rises and  you are now in mood to take command in your hands and get very active in all domains.Though there is also need to remain balanced in your approach and not get too demanding. Be light and flexible as your specificity can give headaches and tensed moments to others. Use your energies for improving your life style and improve yourself first before you expect from others.

Your work load reduces giving you relief and this week also ends many of your ongoing troubles and your health too improves. After coming out of many issues and feeling relaxed, you now get into mood for planning new goals as you would be able to see things from fresh perspective. There is clear rise in your aggression but at the same time you also need to make sure you are not being too demanding and pushy in your approach which can annoy others. Most important aspects are to think slowly and speak with humbleness.

This is pretty enigmatic week for you, on one hand you get tremendous energy, set new goals and feel happy with positivity in your family life and on other you also get too blunt and rash in your approach which can further ignite new issues. There is clear rise in your energy levels and you won’t be able to hold yourself and can get too restless and rough in your speech and actions. There are some very happy events lined up and financial gains are also seen in times to come. This week you should use all of your energy and fresh vibes in making your life grow, remain gentle with people who love you.

This is extremely positive week for you and brings tremendous energy, new confidence and life force to you. You feel alive once again and new goals will now be set. You come out of your isolated phase and begin to socialize in intense manner. There is much fun, travel, get together and partying that lies ahead. This week symbolizes externalization of your energies where you want to experience world in its most vibrant form and you will. This is time to experience contrast and live the world inside out, experiences would be of all sorts ,but your soul needs this at the moment and you are raring to go.

This is the time to rise and gain upper hand on many areas. There is clear rise in your aggression, in fact you become fierce up to the limit of getting fatally sharp in your approach. You see many gains, financial flow increase and many gifts, appreciation comes to you. Though very critical point here is to remember that you are not forcing things or people, you are not pushing limits beyond a point. Don’t forget that you can get what you want and feel happy, but if it cost others happiness or trouble them, it’s not worth it. In your run towards glory, don’t forget your core values.

This is your comeback, and with a style. This week brings your energy and all of your resistances within and around start to melt now. This is actually beginning of new phase with tremendous rise in your confidence levels and you feel need to born again, leaving your past behind like it never existed. Current times have immense life force and once you set your intention, you are sure to move ahead with great pace. Appreciation, much wealth and support from family all comes to you. Your work life too looks good and best part is your renewed spirit which is ready to experience anything to move ahead.

With your experiences of recent past you are internally broken and feeling suffocated but now this week brings immense relief and rise of new awareness in you. You might not see considerable difference in world outside you but you don’t need change on physical level as shift in your consciousness is certain now. You are now driven with your conviction, feel strong and best part of this week is enhanced connection with self and with Divine .You feel new insights, feel inspired, connected and being guided as well. Praying, meditating and diving within will bring brilliant results to you.

This week brings your inner strength and you rise above petty matters and work for bigger goals with better intention. This is all together new phase when it comes to your financial state and you see many gains, gifts, appreciation and much more coming your way in swift manner. Time seems very brilliant for making investments and for taking decisions on important matters. Rise in aggression is seen now which needs moderation .Speak with humbleness and not don’t expect too much from others. Let you take initiative and others follow/contribute by choice. Its also the time to meet friends, have fun and live your life with immense passion.

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