Monday, 10 October 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 9 - 15 October 2016 ]

Your good run continues and you get more ideas, new insights about how to align your life for the optimal best. This week your intentions and actions will match leading to perfect alignment resulting in much happiness. You would feel happy and totally engaged. Continue to give your efforts in mending your relationship as harmony is assured once you focus your attention on any area. Good times lie ahead for you.

Currently you are in very peculiar times, where you will continue to get great insights about raising your living standards, about your evolution but simultaneously you would also feel the pull of many lower qualities which makes this week contradictory for you. It all depends on which aspect you focus and how long you take to come back to awareness after falling into traps of ego and also traps coming from external sources. Remaining focused on what is beneficial in longer run holds key for you.

Despite extreme pressure and intense schedule, you would be able to make it. This week, you remain very busy and work pressure and deadlines can literally mount on your head, but your skills would allow you to deal with it in decent way. You can get much heat and opposition from people in your life and particularly from your personal relationship, keep patience and neglect feelings/emotions which do not serve you. Be selective in what you want to allow come to you and remain focused on your top priorities.

Good times continue for you with your strong focus on your family matters. Though beauty of these times lies in the fact that you are in state of multitasking and friends, social life, family, work, travel and much more go on simultaneously and best part here is you are not complaining, rather you will enjoy the variety in your life at the moment. Travel remains top most trend and good will among your friends and generic social life will come back to you as love, support and critical help at the needed time.

At the moment everything seems to be going nicely for you with well-placed financial condition and possibility for big gains. You will derive great pleasure and pride in handling matters of your home and seem happily busy in engaging with your loved ones. Travel is seen strongly in coming times which will make many memorable memories for you. The only area which needs attention is your aggression. Use your energy wisely and don’t shout or become too specific in what you want. Keep it cool.

You remain busy and totally engaged in many activities. Work load seems big but at the same time your level of dedication and inner conviction will match the challenges. Time is also good for making some long term investments or at least planning about your finances and family matters, anything which have long term impact can be taken up now for consideration. When on travel, plan well and take care of your diet. Work with enthusiasm, but don’t shout or get too demanding.

Its continuation of trends of past week. More connection with self, many more realizations and many more coincidences will keep occurring. Also you need to remain aware and try to find meaning in events and link things. These times for you will give you indirect hints and even people in your life will speak indirectly or act in dubious manner, which you need to decode. Don’t hold yourself back from taking required action. These times need you to think and work without any break.

At the moment you are nicely placed as your intentions, desires and ambitions will find equally powerful implementation skills and you should ideally not hold yourself back for any reason. Travels and many pleasure trips, activities and meeting with loved ones will also make you immensely happy. Only area where you need suggestion is right use of your power and energies. Don’t expect too much from others and also don’t be harsh on yourself as well. Things take time to manifest, accept it.

You continue to get much love, attention and support from people in your life and also people look up to you as inspiration. Be very ethical and honest in your work as your words, approach and action is going to leave long lasting impact on others. It’s time to make a mark. Plan ahead for long term. Talk inspirational and do something memorable for others. At the moment your time looks phenomenal and long term memories will be created in times to come, so be at your best.

You will get tremendous ideas, will see inspiration in and around to move ahead and leave your past behind. Though there are some hesitations and delays seem as well in actual implementation. You can get lethargic, dull or indifferent to such brilliant inspiration or simply delay your action as deep inside you know that you would take command back whenever you want to. It’s good to believe in self, but at the moment at least start from somewhere for your new life.

At the moment many things can seem to be going out of your hands. Your work life, family atmosphere and personal relationship aren’t at their best and can even throw sudden complications. Though things might seem erratic, but actually they are not. It’s a temporary phase and some reshuffling is happening in your life for the best. Best part here is that your prayers will be heard, so don’t feel alone, Divine grace is with you.

Stay focused on core areas of your life. Career at the moment can get very demanding and you need to show your best there. Your family life and loved ones will be your support and don’t neglect their concerns. Most important aspect here is that you need to stay away from things, matters, events which do not serve you in longer run. Don’t waste your time and energies in matters of others. It might seem selfish, but any effort given to others for sake of help would backfire in negative sense.

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