Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 20th - 26th November 2016 ]

Patterns of last week intensify with negativity, environment of politics and hate quite strong around you. What you need now is to fully focus on your abilities and not give attention to what you lack or what people say about you. You do have immense work and have inspiration to move ahead, just making sure that you don’t get distracted will make things balanced for you. Take care of health and also speak less and most important point is to maintain dignity in your speech and actions and you really shouldn’t be casual here.

Two most struggling aspect this week are your health and how people perceive you. This is the time when you should not attach too much importance about what people think about you and as far as possible expect minimum. Take care of health of your partner. Trend of travel remains strong for you. Apart from handling these aspects, you will also get opportunities to plan for long term. Use your vision and on parallel to create the life you want, at least inside your mind to begin with.

You do have inspiration, many creative thoughts and idea of what you want to do but actual implementation is where you can lack. You are feeling low and even your health seems dull. Your work load can give you tough challenge and raising your standards is the only option you have. Love and support from partner and your family is best part of these times which will keep you secured. Avoid using rough language and don’t get into conflicts even if provoked as it will instantly cause dent in your reputation.

You appear calm and everything seems usual but deep within you are not. There seems to be huge emotional turbulence that is going inside you, or is starting to build up. There are some concerns, emotions which you are finding hard to digest and deal with. Losing your cool is also seen leading to sorry state ahead. What you need is to think long term, not become submissive to such lower feelings and see positive in person and events rather than getting provoked instantly. Don’t make permanent changes under temporary impulse.

How your family member behaves and what they say and do will leave strong mark on your inner mind and this is what is most sensitive area this week. You seem to be holding some emotions, taking things too hard on self and also being rough with someone you love. Its just a matter of how you see things. Broaden your vision and align your energies on things that matter. Your lower ego is making you go wild and simply diffusing your energy. Come out of this circle and turn attention on bigger things.

You seem strong, confident and well-focused in life. Your aggression and specificity is good for you but can become issue for people around you. There are two things which you need to take care about. How you treat people who matter and people who are no longer serving you. Your attitude can get blunt and even you can become too self-centered which can hurt many. Don’t hurt esteem of others and its best to speak less. Socialize with sense of dignity and don’t lose your calm, at least don’t do or say too provocative under such state.

Need to plan your financial aspect in much better way this week. Some big and sudden expenses can surprise you .Also you need to handle matters of family life which can seem too complex to you irritating you intensely .Though your love life and support from friends does keep you rooted and relaxed .Speak to people you love and even if you don’t feel the need, take second opinion in critical matters as your sense of judgment is not at its best in these times .Trend of travel and socialization continues.

Good times for having fun with friends and family and sense of relief and joy seems to be rising. Though your work load, concerns about your future continuously bothers you. Also, there are some concerns and worries which are burning inside you but you are not comfortable in sharing them. Though some of your concerns are for real, but at the moment allow positivity, joy and love to spread. Focus on better things, which indeed are for real now. Financially you seem to be doing good and even better times lies ahead.

You seem to be getting low and much delays from external factors and from your own procrastination habits arises. Also, you can mess some of your relationships because of unorganized approach and too casual behavior. This week you need to make sure that you are spending on things that are worth and trend of pure wastage of your time, energy and resources is strong as of now. Take feedback in positive sense and break your tasks into small achievable modules.

Now things are quite balanced for you indicating good times. Healthy work life good energy levels and high spirit all are seen. Also, you will socialize, have fun and even go on refreshing trips. Though there is nothing to worry about as of now, just make sure that you are not neglecting some of your duties which can become headache in times to come. Do enjoy in best possible ways but remain responsible and don’t procrastinate things which are important, rest times ahead for you are full of fun and ease.

Times continue to be healthy for you but you are continually being bombarded with new set of issues and concerns. Your work life seems heavy and you can be asked to prove your worth. Some new developments are possible at work which can test your emotional strength. Apart from all this, you continue to enjoy, have fun with loved ones, spend on things of your desire and travel too is seen in times to come. In critical matters use your own judgment and don’t get influenced too soon.

These are quite encouraging times for you with much aligned at work and also in your personal relationship. Time is pretty good to take new initiatives in whatever area you choose to focus upon. New plans, new goals and new desires are emerging in your consciousness which will expand horizons of your mind. Travel trend remains very strong. Only thing you need to be aware about is not to get excited too soon and act/react under impulse of your lower ego. Health of your parents needs attention now.

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