Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 11th - 17th December 2016 ]

This is the week to be cautious at work and not really neglect any aspect. This is the time when some really unwanted patterns of politics, complexities leading to disturbance at emotional level are on and you need to remain composed and make sure that you are not taking anything casually or giving anyone scope to pick mistakes in you. Take care of your health and practice diplomacy when faced with conflict. Its time to be grounded and look for peaceful way out in every situation.

You need to remain explicitly clear in what you want from others. Be very specific and crystal clear in your speech, in stating your demands and make sure there is no scope for any sort of miscommunication. Trend of this week is to raise many conflicts, gaps, misunderstandings in your public and personal life. How people perceive you and what you get in return in lieu of your efforts is under clouded state right now which needs your patience and humble approach. Don’t explode, rather stay gentle as far as possible.

Its time to give attention to your health. This week pattern of low health seems high with possibility of old health problems coming back as well. Also you can see disturbances at work place and feel immensely suffocated. Relationship with people can see a low. All these issues however aren’t going to stay for long, so keep hopes alive and work your best. Don’t stress out any aspect too much and keep doing the right thing. In these times its important to stay humble and not overreact to any person or situation.

This week you might need to face some tough scenarios in personal and professional aspects. Essence of these times is immense suffocation within and concerns about issues of your life. Your health too remains in fluctuating state. Though your personal relationship does see some signs of betterment with some issues ending as well. This is beginning of new phase from where you need to take care of your aggression. Your behavior and speech should not spoil the good intention and work of past. Take care of your eating habits and basically practice moderation in your lifestyle.

Your state of inner turbulence seems to settle down, very gradually. Its very important not to give in to negativity in and around you. Focus on better things and turn your attention to things which makes you happy and positive. Its time to choose what you see, what you do and how you speak, intentionally. There is rise in your energy levels but make sure you are not wasting energy in shouting or holding your expectations too tight. Be more flexible, don’t be too rigid in the way you want things and remain focused in better things only.

Your planetary configuration shows immense inner drive and desire to arrive at conclusion leading to some new steps. You want to label someone and also take some new initiatives at work. Its necessary to hold on for some time as your vision is not clear right now. Take more time in taking decisions and work on logic and nothing else. Use your own mind and not get influenced by views of others. Paying attention to health and environment at work is important now.

This week its important not to get invoked easily. Trend is for inner suffocation and burning intensely in some concerns which you think can impact your family. Also, health of your family member is low which can give you tensed moments. As far as possible use your own logic and don’t get carried away or influenced easily by actions and views of others. Use your mind and don’t expect aggression to work in any sense, it will only wreak havoc in your life. Your eating habits needs strict moderation now and you simply cannot be casual in what and when you are eating.

You can be faced with acute situations where you might feel need to take decision or some stand. Its true that these are defining times and indeed you need to take some stand, but majority of your perceptions can be self-made and you can create extra pressure within yourself. Don’t assume facts, go by logic and don’t burn inside, just release the pressure by taking to someone you trust. Also, its time for your aggression to rise. Make sure that you are not diffusing your energies and time but are following structured approach for achieving your goals.

This is pretty diffusive week for you where its important to be very specific in what you want and how you go about it. You need to follow disciplined diet, routine and not give attention to many random thoughts which can suck your energies. Don’t get too excited or influenced by views of others and not give anyone scope to assume things or spread rumors about you. This can be done by maintaining ethical and diplomatic approach at work. When you don’t like something or someone, don’t explode, rather choose your words intentionally.

Its important not to overestimate your abilities or behave or speak in sense of overconfidence. Things look decent when it comes to your day to day life but you can get influenced easily and behave rash at times. Also, same pattern is seen in the way you spend. It’s better to spend only on needed things and not plan big things this week. Moderation is key for you, in the way you work, you eat, you spend and you speak. Maintain balance in all aspects, rest this week seems decent for you.

This week can bring need to take some decisions. You can feel immensely pressurized and some aspects related to your work life can throw issues. New and challenging developments at work are possible which can need you to readjust your plans. Also, health of family member seems disturbing and matter of concern. Restlessness is high in you and indeed you might take big decisions now. Use your logic and don’t let pressure from someone or views of others influence you in any way. This seems difficult but is necessary for long term perspective.

Its time to bring out best of you when it comes to how well you can handle pressure and criticism at work. You can see unnecessary politics and other negativity surrounding yourself and you really cannot expect things to settle down by your aggressive intervention. Try to find out root cause and if possible, behave humbly. Accept your faults and make others believe that you will act in sync with your image. Avoid rash expenditure and maintain healthy routine else sleep & health too can get adversely impacted.

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