Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 18th - 24th Dec 2016 ]

This week brings relief on many aspects and you feel tremendous inner drive and rise of your real self. Many confusions, self-doubts and complex environment at work fades away and you feel more freedom. It’s important to take lessons of recent past and recognize true faces of individuals. Sensitive part of this week is some strong turbulence that you can see in your social life, so be gentle and very grounded in your interactions with friends, family and in your generic public interactions.

Environment at home improves and you do feel at ease but this turbulence now shifts to your deepest core. Issues created in past or owing to some related events, your inner mind can pick some concerns and you seem to be in intense introspecting mood. Though its not at all the phase for taking any decisions; keep these random, turbulent and even violent thoughts to yourself only. You need to be witness to them. Be careful at work and maintain low profile with total focus on quality of work.

Resistance till now were more form external factors which now ends leading to better command and feeling of being in driver’s seat. Though you need to remain focused on defined timelines and break your work into small modules. Don’t overestimate your abilities and take each day at a time. Speak when necessary and in very clear and precise manner. This is phase for unnecessary confusions and you should not give anyone scope to assume anything about you, better be silent and let your work speak.

This week just bring a shift in your concerns and now focus comes to your health and overall well-being. There can be many worries regarding your health and some of them can be purely imaginary. Your imagination and worry can be bigger than real issue, so don’t give extra attention to what you don’t want. You need to structure your day keeping your health as top priority. Also, be gentle at work, expect less and give more and don’t exaggerate any aspect.

You find stability and excess restlessness ends now. This is better phase and many of you would indulge in creative and meaningful activities which will bring inner joy. You remain busy in your work and level of dedication remains exemplary. People find connection with you and derive inspiration from your attitude. Just be more careful in your expectations which can be too rigid. Continue to remain joyously engaged in your work and don’t expect much from anyone. It’s your very personal week where source of joy comes from within.

Trend of wastage of your energies ends and your focus comes back strongly. Though resistance and delays can come from your own approach. You need to remain stick to your routine and take work in small modules. Don’t procrastinate, don’t overestimate, just take one day at a time and work under defined timelines. Caution is needed in adventurous activities and your health in general cannot deal with extremes right now. Balance is needed much more intensely in matters of your health.

Negativity that you are feeling in and around starts to fade away and you move out of limited boundaries that have been created around you by external factors .You can feel split deep inside as in by intention you seem pure and devoted but what you seem to others via your expression and behavior can be pretty turbulent .Just bridge this gap .Short travels and intense socialization starts now which would engage you completely .Just be more responsible in your commitments.

While many limitations and external pressure reduces, your own attitude and level of expectations seems explosive. You want things in certain way and looking very dedicated as well to make it happen, though deviations from your expectations are possible which could be source of disappointment for you. Continue to work fiercely, but loosen up, just be more relaxed. What you need currently is faith. Do your best and then leave the rest. Leaving part (under the state of faith) is important this week.

This is very welcome week for you as it brings back your awareness and you feel in charge again. Your health is now on better track as there is descent of vitality. Apart from the level of body, at mind level too you become active and in constructive manner. Trend of wastage ends and its good to give attention to those positive voices arising from deep within to align your life, your time, your energies in direction of your desires. Be more open and patient when it comes to dealing with people. Listen more and doubt less.

You remain very busy and many activities go in parallel. This hectic schedule does impacts your body as energy levels go down at times. Though bigger point this week is your immensely concerning inner state. You want some things to happen in certain ways where some deviations can lead to disappointments. Do your best but don’t try to control or be rigid about outcome of your efforts. Trend of travel and fun continues and indeed it would keep you refreshed. Be more disciplined in your eating habits.

Some of your confusions settle down and move to zone of action and implementation. You are no longer in state of dilemma as events around you want you to take some stand. You get support from your friends and some really good insights come from people you love. They give you suggestion, good direction which would help you in concrete sense. Environment in family improves. Though not acting is not really possible, but make sure you are taking all necessary considerations while taking important decisions.

It’s time to leave behind differences and grudges behind and get to work. This week bring back your focus and you now gain immense power to tackle all issues with ease, with the help of your sheer determination. If you want to prove anything to anyone, let it be through your actions. Let people see your words in action and you are indeed capable of doing it. Be more open and relaxed when dealing with others. Listen more, assume less and remain patient when people commit mistakes.

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