Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 4th - 10th Dec 2016 ]

Your immense dedication and inner strength about your goals is the highlight of this week. You feel decisive, very passionate about what lies ahead, give your best and also receive honors and recognition. Your approach, way of working will impress many and time is now good for expanding your reach, your work and overall growth is seen in this time. Some celebration like events are also seen in your life. Good times for enjoying what you do, feeling thrilled and moving ahead with immense joy.

This is your comeback, in style. Your health, inner joy and level of confidence all will improve bringing you new perspective. You see people, events with new inner eyes. This is week to start afresh, refresh your approach and leave the past behind in totality. Travels, meeting new many people, enhanced networking in general are all highlights of this week. Your charm, fame, all moves up. Leave your hesitations behind and move ahead for what you want, there are no blockages now, all you need is to set intention and get set go.

You are moving in very interesting yet contradictory yet still encouraging week. Your intentions are healthy, you are making effort but are still stuck somewhere in things which are stopping you from achieving your best. This week opens your passionate best. Your intentions now get colored with intense emotions, you attach emotional values and importance with your relationship, with your work and with your desires. Take care of health and most important aspect is to maintain balance in all aspects. Balance is key for you now.

Patterns changes for you, for the best. Work, duties and usual activities takes back seat and you now open yourself to whole lot of new experiences. Travel, exploring new things, activities, meeting friends, making new memories and what not. This week bring huge externalization of your energies. You shop, you derive joy and your love life seems to be most satisfying and exciting aspect of life. Love is flowing to you, just be grateful and enjoy this phase.

This week need your services, your efforts and your whole being totally dedicated for cause of others. This is time to put yourself below and give yourself wherever you are needed. Its the phase of selfless service and helping others and best part is that you will derive immense joy and deep satisfaction in whatever you take up, however burdened you are, smile and inner joy won’t leave your face. Time is also good for healthy socialization, though don’t give attention to negativity, that you will see quite often around yourself. Just stay dedicated to your cause and joy is promised in bounty.

This is very balanced week for you. There seems to be great charm and equipoise in you. You do your duties, enjoy in ample and indulge in socialization whenever needed. The best highlight of this week is immense rise in your creative abilities. You feel joy, you feel a certain pleasure in whatever you are doing and wherever you are. Good time for matters of love and to express your desire in most detailed form. It’s the week where you should spend some time with self and use your creative ideas and inspirations in your relationships and work. Apply what you feel.

Immensely peaceful times begin for you. Deep within your heart you realize so many things which will settle down your questions. Happy atmosphere in family, fading away of some old concerns and new fresh vibes make your family life joyous. Tough essence of this week is much subtler, you really don’t need anything or anyone to feel stable and happy, joy comes out of you and in fact you will become source of happiness for many. Good times for new work opportunities and for your love life as well. Spend carefully and neglect inferior people who try to invoke negativity in you.

You find happiness, inspiration and new insights from what you see around you. People in your life, your friends, your family members and even mere acquaintances will somehow show you the way by bringing varied contrasts to you. This is indeed phase for externalization of your energies. Intense travel trend, meeting with friends, revival of good times is aligned ahead. Good times for taking new steps, renewing your approach and reevaluating your goal growth so far. Neglect many contradictions and feeling of lows. See your worth and not what you lack.

You find inspiration, support and security in your family. Also, this is new phase where new insights, intuition and motivation will strike you and you seem to be in receptive mode as well. This is time to raise your standards and work inside out. Negativity and trend of huge outflow doesn’t really stop but rise in desire to take command will bring balance now. Good times for feeling relief, for matters of money and taking new decisions for investments and important expenses. Give love and it will come back to you in amplified form.

Extremely positive trends kick in for you. Your energies which were lying scattered for long now consolidate and you feel new vibes and immensely motivated. Inspiration comes from many sources and you are thirsty enough to receive them all. Charm dawns on you and you feel liberated from some concerns and are ready to move ahead. Good times for personal relationship, for something new to start. Stay conscious in socialization as some ugly conflict seems possible. Neglect inferior people and their low intentions and pay attention to your inner voice which is puling you towards positivity.

Mixed week for you. You remain very busy and even deeply bothered about your work life, about your duties which can even impact your self-esteem. While you remain totally occupied and intensely exhausted, its also the phase where you will enjoy and find time for self as well which will bring back your self-equation to healthy state. You travel, you party, you do heavy shopping and intense pampering amid all is also seen. Times are also good for spiritually oriented ones who will be able to link events and see a broader purpose in whatever is happening around them.

Healthy and joyous times are here for you. You travel, you meet so many people, revive old bonds and form new ones as well. Its expansion of your network, feel good factor and inner joy just continue to spur from you. Work life seems healthy and you will work effortlessly though external events and people around can offer resistance via some rules and putting limitations over you. Take care of your parents and other closed ones in your family life. Good times to see rise in your wealth and overall living standards. It’s time to move to level next. 

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