Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 8th - 14th Jan 2017 ]

This week brings relief in real sense and most powerful impact would be seen in your ability to see things as they are as many influences fade. Good time for making new plans, introspecting your life as a whole, for travelling and for deriving joy as well apart from fulfilling your duties. Better work environment is seen and intense socialization keeps you occupied. Best part of this week is its ability to give you instant connection if you dive within. Brilliant time for Spiritual pursuits.

Some of your concerns and internal-external struggle starts to settle down. Best part of this week is that you begin to see things as they are which helps you to gain some command and solve some family matters as well. Don’t be restless and desirous of immediate results in your family issues or at work. It’s important for you to remain self-motivated and not get influenced by views of others. Don’t attach too much importance with what has gone wrong, rather stay focused on what you can do now.

Better times are here for you. Your twisted emotional state gets straightened. Your health and self-image rises and you feel relaxed again. Though your aggression and its impact on your family-work life can make you restless at times. Now you should put all your energies in organizing your life, your time and all resources in achieving your goals. It’s better to remain alone rather than getting agitated and adversely influenced by low company. Better times for your personal relationships as well with some pleasure moments waiting for you.

You remain busy, being occupied in many things and though your work load and busyness doesn’t decrease this week but what changes is your acceptance level and randomness from external sources. Things get organized and your attitude becomes stable. This week stands for working with attitude of surrender which alone can bring joy. Indeed, you work with dedication but don’t neglect your health. Another important point is not to get blinded by your desires or impose your views on others. Balance is something still in great need for your happiness.

On external level things don’t change much but subtle change occurs in your thought process. You understand things in better way and now start to realize your mistakes as well. What this week brings to you is better command over yourself. Indeed, take out some time and talk to self, introspect and don’t be afraid or feel too rigid to admit where you went wrong. Patience, patience and more patience with awareness about what you did in past and what you want to achieve in future is your key for better feel in this week.

A week for relief. You feel relaxed and in command once again. What this week brings is more clarity to you and freedom from many unwanted complexities that were going inside you since long. Best what you can do is to reset your priorities, take up more work and resume your duties at home. Mend your relations which went awry in recent times. Still you need patient approach and consciousness in dealing with complex people at work. Straightforward approach and sticking to rules and ethics would save you from possible future complications.

All of your energies are seen to get externalized. You feel passion, desires, pull towards going out, meeting with people and what not. Even some very old desires come to surface reminding you that they haven’t died yet. Your health remains dull and imbalance is what defines this week for you. Though better clarity and more love and support from loved ones also comes to you. Just take care of your health and diet and also practice humbleness in your generic interaction, rest this is pretty mixed week for you. Enjoy for the while.

Some events in family make you happy and settled while situation remains potentially volatile at work. Take responsibility for your actions and this week you need to face whatever is coming your way and important point here is not to run away or try to suppress this phase of unsettlement. Let your wisdom, experience guide you and not your aggression, frustration or desire to reach to result soon. It’s pretty clear that your impulsive attitude, If adopted, will further create many bondages.

Quite welcome week for you. Happy events in personal relationship and family and much more support from people close to you make you feel strong. Better environment now start to unfold at work as well and this week brings better people relationships as well. You spend effectively and randomness of previous times ends. This week is good for generic fun, for lightness and for spread of joy all around, just be more careful in planning your travels or while socializing and sharing your personal information.

You feel as if command is not in your hands and indeed this week can make you feel like mere witness. You feel dejected inside and also feel like giving up at times. Your inner state seems suppressed and time now needs you to let go of some old memories and emotions. It’s perfectly fine to feel messed up and exhausted and take break. What all you need this week is keep doing things which are necessary and not allow imbalance in your routine and/or thought process beyond point of control. Plan your expenses and travel well.

Many passions and desires drive you and you remain in your own world. Work life is looking better and some positive events are now aligned ahead. You get much love and help from your friends and generic social life but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your family members, trend which look pretty strong at the moment. Handle different views within your family with grace and silent approach. Don’t hurt the ones who are trying to guide you. Don’t pick words, rather go by the underlying emotion.

This week brings much relief for you on many aspects. Your work life becomes better and you now hold brilliant chance to show your talents without interference of unwanted elements. Your relationships, equation with partner also improves in leaps and bound and gap that was created in recent time now starts to fill. Travel, self-indulgence and desire for more joy drives you. Its all good time for you. Just need to remain in your limits and not do or say things which seems too outrageous. Treat others as you want to be treated.

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