Thursday, 5 January 2017

Year 2017 : Impact on Gemini Sign

Expansion realms
This year for Gemini has immense importance and will bring many positive changes, new vibes and many events of long term importance. This year for you can be divided roughly into two halves, pre-and post August. Most of the brilliance is stored in the later half while the first one will need sincere preparation from you. Now to get to specifics, this year is good for new job opportunities, getting rise and great authority in your work life. You will get goodwill, respect and deserved attention gradually as you move into this year. Time from September onwards is good for it. Good time for pursuit of education, for getting into new areas, and this year is extremely auspicious when it comes to creative lines and success in them. Your interest in reading, writing, learning, analyzing all increases and will show up in your performance and personal growth. Foreign travels are seen, admission into new educational programs, learning new skills all are seen this year. This is the year of qualitative changes in you for the best. Financially this is very hopeful year with rise in inflow and your overall level of affluence is sure to go up. Even new sources open up for you which will allow you to move towards better financial state. Time post September shows great rise in your generic people networking as well.

In essence, this is the year to completely restructure yourself. Leaving old habits, moving towards a routine which you aspired for long and optimizing your life for the best, all is good possible now. You form new philosophies, leave behind the rotten thoughts and bonds as well. This year is very good when it comes for blossoming of new relationships and matters of love occupy your attention in strong manner. For the eligible, this year would also bring marriage, though this must be positively indicated in individual charts as well. Though you might be conscious enough or not, events occurring around you would all pull you towards a new you. This is indeed the year to rise to a new level and move towards the direction of your dreams with renewed spirits.

Winds of change
Challenges and areas where improvement will come via testing scenarios too are in bounty which you need to face through intense courage and acceptance of your old karmas. This year you will need to solve some fundamental questions, issues and complex equations regarding your personal relationships. Months of Feb to June and April-May in particular can intensity heat in your family life and also bring difficult experiences in public life. You need to sort out matters in all aspects, be it personal, professional or public interactions and relations. Health too needs attention in initial half and so does health of your parents. Some of the old family matters can reopen this year asking for permanent solution. Also you can see some back bitching, ugly politics and people working with jealous attitude towards you. Some events, particularly from July onwards, can tarnish your image and hence this year is also challenging when it comes to preservation of your image. Though new work opportunities are seen strongly, your work life will also need some clean up and business ethics, way of working, people with whom you interact and model you follow to work, all can become areas asking for attention and events which redirect your attention can be unsettling in nature as well. Owing to many challenges and  crumbling of old bonds, many doubts and inferiority complexities will also be generated in you.

Potential lessons
This is fantastic area indeed when seen from higher perspective, when a year doesn’t only mean getting things you want rather your orientation is towards finding a better you, your time is here. How to deal with people, clean up in your entire social structure and relationships will enable immense learning. Though human interaction and complex psychological behavior around us give continuous opportunities to learn something, this year in specific will intensify this learning. Your love life, matters of love will allow you to enter domain of inner world and play with subtle emotions which will also reveal wealth of leanings for you which would be very personal in nature. Formal education, addition of new skills, leaning new arts, music, painting or whatever appeals you is another gross level addition in your talent pool. How you utilize your talents, your skills and your intentions in real time world is very important lesson that is going to come and stay with you this year. Beauty of this year is its blessing which would enable you to grow continually and mediums would be in and around you and rise in consciousness in second half of year would open your inner eyes as well. Rectifying your existing work ethics and/or adoption of new ways of working is another critical improvement that is ready to enter your life. These are some broad categories, though lessons, improvement and new visions are countless in this year when you are ready to open up and see events from new dimension, putting your personal evolution at the center of your existence.

Spiritual journey
It keeps getting better for you. This area, your Spiritual journey and personal growth, is indeed the highlight of this year. You see many changes in your life and many events, new people entering in your life can come from nowhere, indicating past life Samskaars coming into play vehemently. You get enormously interested in learning mantra-tantra-meditation, new techniques for self-evolution, you read a lot, you join groups, and what not. Whole new world will be opened for you post July in particular. You are seen to give Spirituality and personal philosophy a prime place and indeed this year will make you grow exponentially. Beauty here is that there are no boundaries, you pursue rituals and subtle ways both. Visit to spiritual/religious places is very strong pattern that will get activated post August this year. Rise in consciousness is sure to come and new horizons would be available to you. Later months post October can also bring intense experiences, initiation into higher practices for the genuine and eligible ones. The real essence of this year for you people indeed lies in moving towards a new version of yourself. This year brings a drastic shift in your overall level of consciousness. Accept, explore and rise.

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